Sales oriented
data and knowledge management platform

Gather, structure, manage and easily access your company knowledge in a single and intelligent platform to build a lasting competitive advantage and definitely take the lead.


Jinbox offers you the opportunity to build a strong and lasting competitive advantage to foster sustainable growth.

Accelerate Sales Process

Optimally mobilize your internal resources and knowledge to efficiently answer client questions.

Boost company knowledge

Automatically create an optimally structured knowledge base.

Enhance overall productivity

Create a rich and accessible knowledge platform to enhance collaboration and productivity.


Jinbox is a complete in-house developed platform including a set of rich and constantly upgraded modules to increase your productivity.

Intelligent answering process

All questions are directed to the right person to answer them. Dynamic classification helps to categorize information during this process.

Overall process monitoring

Managers and sales people have a global view on the progress of the sales.

Microsoft Office integration

Question and answers can be imported from both Excel and Word files. The answers are directly exported to the originally imported file.

Knowledge quality management

Each information brick in the knowledge base has a quality control status which makes sure that any information has been checked and validated.

Skill management

Company can define a finite set of skills, used in the system to accelerate the information routing.

Data security and privacy

All data is stored in Switzerland with our cloud partner The solution can also be hosted in your existing machines.

How our customers profit


Established in 1985, Avaloq is a technology-driven financial services provider for wealth management, universal and retail banks. Avaloq serves more than 140 financial institutions in the most demanding financial centres around the world, driving 3900 bn USD through its processing.

Before using Jinbox, each pre-sales officer used Excel, Word files to receive requests from clients. The requested information was first checked and distributed manually via email to different experts in order to answer them. The process resulted on hundreds of emails and created unclassified information, which was later saved in different folders.

With Jinbox, Avaloq could accelerate the sales process and also automatically built a well-organized knowledge base with quality data checked by experts and approved by management.

Start to build your knowledge base today


Jinbox advises enterprises on topics related to big data, knowledge management, business simulation games, intelligent shopping agents, smart cities, internet of things and machine learning.
Jinbox develops advanced digital solutions in collaboration with leading European universities. For instance, multiple award winning project Empower Shack was developed in collaboration with insurance companies, local authorities, and universities. Cray project was developed in collaboration with US and UK universtities to investigate new ways of using persuasive agents to influence sustainable online shopping behaviour.

About Company

Established in 2011 as an ETH Zurich, Chair of Management Information Systems Spin-off, Jinbox is focused on developing solutions for intelligent information routing inside organizations. Powered by many years of academic research and quality development, we are proud to propose the most advanced knowledge management platform to boost the company sales and productivity.

Dr. Anar Gasimov
Co-founder & Managing Director

Dr. Jan Ondrus
Co-founder & Business Development