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Knowledge Management

Product Design and Market Positioning


Sales Process Optimisation

Jinbox Knowledge Management Platform helps you extract the knowledge from sales data, propose it in the right place at the right time and reuse the generated knowledge base to accelerate the next sales process.
Jinbox Sales Automation
Jinbox Knowledge Management Platform Dashboard


Federated Knowledge Management Platform

Jinbox Knowledge Management is an all-in-one solution to accelerate the sales administration processes and seamlessly build company knowledge base. It taps to the core of the enterprise data lake and transforms data to knowledge using AI algorithms.

The components you need, together in one place

Accelerate sales process

Mobilize your internal resources and data to efficiently answer client questions.

Boost company knowledge

Automatically create an optimally structured knowledge base.

Enhance overall productivity

Create a rich and accessible knowledge platform to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Check knowledge quality

Each data brick in the knowledge base has a quality control status ensuring four-eyes check and validation.

Skill management

Company can define a set of skills to identify competence points and accelerate the information routing.

Overall process monitoring

Managers and sales people have a bird-eye and detailed view on the progress of the sales.


Product Design for Smartcity and Microfinancing

Empower is a tablet application and a digital platform using an innovative approach to generate urban layout scenarios informed by residents. It was developed by Jinbox in the context of the Empower Shack project directed by Urban ThinkTank in collaboration with the BT-Section community and associated local and international partners. It offers an easy and complete interface to address all steps of the process such as micro financing, contract signatures, and data-collection in coordination with central office. It has been tested in the field in Cape Town. It won numerous awards such as the Best Practice Award organized by UN Habitat.

Empower AI Planning
Empower Application Map
Empower Application Microfinancing
Empower Project Presentation Gallery

About Us

Jinbox is a Swiss technology company specialized in enterprise data analytics and applied AI. It started as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich from Chair of Management Information Systems. Our expertise in knowledge management, data engineering, process automation, machine learning and product development helps us to create innovative solutions to better manage information flow inside large organizations. We provide bespoke solutions to financial institutions, banks, insurances, financial intermediaries as well as to service providers for the financial industry.

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